Blueprint for Life

Customised investment strategy, designed by the Fintax Group to assist young professionals in managing and bringing their financial plans to life.
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What is Blueprint for Life best suited for?

Invest early to meet your long-term goals

Our goals-based wealth planning and management approach creates the opportunity for you to meet your financial goals, be it buying a house, paying school fees, starting a business or retirement. By starting to invest early, you benefit from the magic of compounding returns.

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What Blueprint for Life can do for you?

R500 monthly payments and tax free growth

For as little as R500 a month, you can establish a tax-efficient portfolio to meet your financial goals.

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Why choose the Fintax Group?

Creating wealth with confidence since 1983

With 35 years experience in the business of wealth creation, we pride ourselves on creating life long relationships with our clients, providing them with tailored advice to meet their financial goals. In an unpredictable world, our global network and the resultant resources that we are able to harness, enables our clients to meet the challenges of wealth creation.

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